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87% of companies spend their marketing budget on internally generated ideas. This means companies are spending money without obtaining the invaluable data, analytics and insights on what their customers actually value.

Ultimately marketing is all about adding value to your customers, Strategic Marketing ensures you achieve this.

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Case Study: CoWorkMo

The Challenge:

David, founder of CoWorkMo, came to us with his vision for starting a company that brings remote workers and companies with hot desks together, so that remote workers can find alternative places to work other than their homes.


The Solution:

To help David identify the opportunities for CoWorkMo, we produced a thorough Strategic Marketing report which analysed the marketplace, market segments, customer profiles, buying behaviour, competitors and suppliers to provide a holistic view of the marketplace within which CoWorkMo wished to enter.


The Results:

We produced a set of suggestions based on the findings, which has led David to successfully launching CoWorkMo, offering remote workspaces to lone workers across the UK. Visit to find a CoWorking space near you.

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